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HEALTH One Global Supports Research on Health Issues in Developing Countries.

The Global Health Council is the world's largest membership alliance dedicated to saving lives
by improving health throughout the world.The Council works to ensure that all who strive for
improvement and equity in global health have the information and resources they need to succeed.

The council’s diverse membership is comprised of health-care professionals and organizations that
include NGOs, foundations, corporations, government agencies and academic institutions that work
to ensure global health for all.

In June 2010 the Global Health Council held its 37th Annual International Conference in Washington
DC. At the Conference a delegation from Special Olympics presented a poster on the Special
Olympics Healthy Athletes: Health Issues in Developing Countries.

This poster (view details) summarises the marked health disparities experienced by people with
intellectual disabilities.

The data for the poster were drawn from the Healthy Athletes database built and managed by
Health One Global. You will see in the poster that Special Olympics was able to analyse the results of
66,537 screenings from developing and developed countries to derive the data for the poster.

Since 2003 Health One Global has been the exclusive Special Olympics Healthy Athletes Global
Partner for electronic health records. Data from hundreds of screening events around the world are
captured in HEALTHone and integrated into the Healthy Athletes global database Health One Global
built and manages for Special Olympics.

This database is now the world’s largest, richest and most comprehensive database on the health
parameters of people with intellectual disability.



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