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HEALTH One Global supports world’s largest sporting event in 2011.

Health One Global as the exclusive Special Olympics Healthy Athletes Global Partner for electronic health records will once again support Special Olympics at the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Athens, Greece in June 2011.

During the Athens World Games Special Olympics will use Health One Global’s electronic health record platform, HEALTHone, to record the results of some 20,000 free screening examinations which will be offered to the Games participants from about 150 countries while in Athens, as well as medical reports of incidents occurring during the event.

At the last Special Olympics World Summer Games in Shanghai in 2007 HEALTHone recorded 18,500 screenings. This year in Athens is likely to be another world record. Nowhere else in the world in 2011 will there be 20,000 screenings recorded on people from 150 countries in 10 days!!

Since 2003 Health One Global has managed all Special Olympics electronic health screening data which is recorded at up to 800 events each year all around the world, into a single global database which has become the world’s richest and most comprehensive database on the health parameters of people with intellectual disability.

This data is an invaluable research tool for Special Olympics in their drive to gain recognition and resolution of the massive unmet health needs of people with intellectual disability, to influence policy makers and to change lives.

Health One Global is proud to be a long-standing Global Partner to help those who get least but who need most.

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