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HEALTH One Global supports TEAM USA for the Special Olympics World Summer Games.

The Special Olympics World Summer Games in Athens, Greece in June 2011 will be the largest sports event in the world in 2011.

7,500 athletes will gather from 150 countries and travel to Greece to celebrate at the home of the Olympics including the 400 athletes from Team USA.

But this year the Team USA doctors will no longer need to carry bagfuls of paper medical files with them at all times in the Games in case an athlete suffers any illness or needs their medication checked. Health One Global will make the healthcare records of the 400 Team USA athletes instantly available to their Team doctors anywhere, anytime all over the World Games area via Tablet PCs.

In addition Team USA doctors will be able to record medical incidents on the Tablet Pcs which will then be accessible by any other Team USA doctor subsequently.

For the first time in Special Olympics history reports and analyses of problems identified by and managed by Team doctors will be available in real time, as well as in detailed analyses at the end of the Games.

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