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Oct 13, 2015 

Health One Global designs a new concept supporting the development of comprehensive life long personal care records.

Building on the potential offered by its new Web API services, HEALTHone global has conceptualised an optimal approach for the development of clinically comprehensive and potentially life-long personal healthcare records available on personal mobile devices.

This concept, the “HEALTHone Personal Care Record”, integrates the HEALTHone record server and the HEALTHone WebAPI (the “HEALTHone platform”) with third party mobile applications in a seamless solution.

Thus, data originating in the provider’s systems are sent to the HEALTHone platform where they are converted into a common generic data format then integrated into the corresponding patient record stored on the platform. New incoming data is immediately made available for the third party mobile application server and then forwarded to the patient’s mobile application. Similarly, data entered by individual patients in their mobile personal record is forwarded to the HEALTHone platform where the corresponding record is updated.

The HEALTHone platform can be customized to send to the mobile applications specific predefined data sets, as required by our partners. In addition to such basic services, Health One Global is developing new services to manage patient-specific care pathways.

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