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April 25, 2016.  

Health One Global develops a conversion algorithm to integrate UK GP data into the healthcare records stored in the HEALTHone sever

As is the case in most countries, current electronic medical record systems in use in general practice and in hospitals are based on historic proprietary data structures. This dramatically restricts the potential to exchange data amongst systems.

Based on the results of the GEHR project and ensuing CEN and ISO standards, the HEALTHone data structure was originally designed to allow data from multiple sources for one same patient to be integrated in one single common record.

This potential has been verified in the context of a demonstrator aimed at collecting data from GP systems and integrating them into personal healthcare records. Data extracted from two different practice systems (Vision®, EMIS®), have been successfully converted and integrated into HEALTHone records. Work is in progress to convert and integrate data extracted from SystmOne®).

This is an important milestone towards the implementation of personally held healthcare records in the UK.

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