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June 7, 2016 

Health One Global partners with PCRCo to develop a first prototype of the Personal Care Record.

A patient-held portable personal healthcare record has been developed by the UK Personal Care Record Company PCRCo ( on the basis of the HEALTHone Personal Care Record concept.

The patient held record presents as a PCRCo-branded application available on both Apple and Android mobile phones.

Clinical information for each individual patient is assembled from various sources in a central record stored on the HEALTHone platform. Whenever new data is added in a patientís record on the HEALTHone platform, an update is sent to the patientís mobile app. Whenever the patient enters new data via her mobile app, the new information is sent to the HEALTHone platformís Web API which integrates the new data into the corresponding record on the central server.

All data exchanges are protected using AES or 3DES encryption as well as HMAC authentication procedures.

This demonstrator represents a valuable proof of concept for the HEALTHone Personal Care Record solution. It further indicates that the combination of the HEALTHone electronic record platform with partnerís applications developed on mobile devices represent solid foundations for the implementation of fully functional personal healthcare record services.

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