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Sep 25, 2017 

DXS agrees to create own brand version of the HEALTHone personal care record - MyVytalCare

DXS International has partnered with Health One Global to develop a personal care record for iOS and Android mobile devices called MyVytalCare.

Building on a personal care record concept designed by Health One Global, MyVytalCare will exchange patient data between the mobile app and a central HEALTHone record server.

The HEALTHone record server will integrate into the individual records automatic daily extracts from the three leading UK GP systems EMIS, Vision and SystmOne.

MyVytalCare will use the HEALTHone care pathway functionality initially for hypertension and diabetes care pathways.

MyVytalCare will deliver automatic interactive alerts, reminders and follow up to patients for their personal care pathways to ensure they take all the actions needed to achieve their best health outcomes.

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