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Feb 26, 2018 

HEALTHone hosted as SaaS on UK Government Health and Social Care Network(HSCN)

The NHS provides the regulatory framework for digital records. Health One Global chose to host HEALTHone, its personal care record solution, on the Government Health and Social Care Network (HSCN). Consequently, HEALTHone had to be NHS accredited and meet the same NHS standards for confidentiality, security and information governance, as GP or Hospital records. This provides significant reassurance to NHS customers of the HEALTHone personal care record.

The HEALTHone personal care record solution is in full alignment the Government and NHS agenda, and the NHS’ many statements on prevention, NHS 5 Year Forward View, NHS Digital plans etc.

HealthOne is also compatible with the international and UK NHS standards including openEHR, FHIR, ISO 13606, HL7 and CDA.

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