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July 12, 2018 

MyVytalCare first early adopter goes live in Oldham CCG

MyVytalCare is the own brand version of the HEALTHone personal care record for DXS International.

MyVytalCare has gone live with its first early adopter site in the UK NHS Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group.

Patients with diabetes simply download the MyVytalCare app from the iOS and Android app stores.

MyVytalCare is automatically updated from the Patientís General Practice record.

HEALTHone, inside MyVytalCare, automatically analyses the incoming data and updates the patientís personalised evidence-based care pathways for their diabetes with all the actions the patient needs to take to get their best outcomes.

MyVytalCare then delivers the alerts, reminders and follow up direct to the MyVytalCare app on the patientís mobile phone to ensure they take all the required actions.

The patient is unfailingly alerted, reminded and followed up, all automatically. No effort or resources are required from doctors or their staff.

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