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Oct 10, 2018 

IMT Innovation presentation at a Healthcare Blockchain Master Class with Guardtime

Dr. Stan Shepherd, CEO Health One Global and CEO Instant Access Medical, was invited to co-present at a Healthcare Blockchain Master Class with Glen Ogden, CEO of Guardtime Health. Guardtime is the world number one blockchain company by revenue, headcount and production deployments. Guardtime provides the blockchain backbone for the Estonian Government, the most digitally advanced Government in the world, enabling Estonian citizens to conduct almost all their business with the Estonian Government electronically.

Dr. Shepherd provided a personal care record overview. Glen Ogden explained Guardtime’s strategy to work with medical insurers to deliver a new and efficient blockchain Health Information Exchange, called HSX, that is secure, fraud-proof and tamper-proof.

Glen Ogden outlined Guardtime’s partnership with Instant Access Medical to use HEALTHone to underpin HSX to deliver secure, life-long medical data and connect insurers, providers and consumers.

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